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Expanding God to only get glimpses

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The deeper I go into studying the Bible the more broad and abstract my understanding seems to have developed. which is counterintuitive as one dives deeper into dentistry knowledge, the more detailed the knowledge should become. But every little detail in the story of God told through those 66 books expands my understanding broader – more expansive and paints a picture of God that starts having no limits. Of course this makes sense.

This is the Way.

An infinite God should blow our minds. And all sorts of Christians with microphones have always said how boundless God is but I think I’m finally getting it. We always have God in a box determined by our own personal maturity and knowledge. The scope of God is in accordance with the dimensions of the universe we can muster up in or mind. And our understanding of the universe has to start within each of us at the conscious, individual self- which we dont all deal with properly. No matter how much you listen to podcasts, pray, read the Word, meditate on the Word – whatever that means to you, if at all- Who we think God is will be a reflection upon our understanding of ourselves day-by-day. But He wanted to walk with us in the Garden and experience Him constantly through His perfect Creation of a very fine system of life and lives. Now that system is pretty flawed and full of distractions that keep us from seeing His work and acknowledging His presence.

So how do we get better at noticing Him in this world today?

The smallest details in the stories of the bible show a bit of God’s character but sometimes only a glimpse and we have to read them and reread them to see little hints of things that He put together. If we read the Hebrew there is way more to glean I would as the Torah reads in a rhythmic poem like way. Families sat around in the dirt with no TV and just spoke/read/sung these sentences. Even with our study guides and Logos software angles we will always miss the cadence of emotions that the original Hebrew read aloud would add to each scene. I really believe that is why God picked them to tell His story to the whole world through. When we get to heaven and see the layers of God throughout the Bible maybe we will see God’s direct fingerprint in how the languages dispersed from the ‘Tower of Babel’ scene.

Thoughts like these push my image of the God of Jacob and I realise that understanding this ‘light-love’ all-connectedness-theos’ that I always believed was opposed to Christianity. My exposure to the ‘light-love’ type was chained to the old-growth greenery of the Willamette Valley of Oregon during the Nevermind era. After living in Australia more than a decade I’m starting to understand where the hippies have gotten their ‘Supreme Center Energy’ ideas. After Christ came the story says be the light of the world. Before Christ it tells stories of God intervening Himself through energetic ways. Often in the form of some being of light- (except for those seemingly normal dudes having lunch with Abraham way back). Sometimes these interventions were gentle messages, sometimes the presence was violent. But He is not the diety of massacre that many seem to believe they’ve read. Even when He shows up in fire, as a signal of where He is and where to go, it hints at a destructive nature.

Evil often showed up as mutated giants of some sort which are worshipped as local gods. True God shows up as fire and is trying to get people to understand Him better. He’s basically saying “Can your god do this? No. Please believe in Me. I made you. I know what is best for you. Walk with me.” Then humanity responds with worshipping the thing they can see, or make. Then God says ‘I knew you guys would do that. So I’m sending your easy ticket into heaven… and you’ll know I am the Lord when that happens. But some of you won’t.

Then Jesus shows up as our ticket as promised. “Look, I love you so much that I would die in order that my creation could walk with Me. Just a simple, tiny, mustard-seed bit of faith in that story gets you over the line between light and dark for eternity but we could walk together now. Step into my light… further and further… trust Me… especially when the darkness grows behind you in pursuit… let it press you closer to Me. You will be made stronger and this is only for a short while compared to My eternity.”

Life is short. Every day matters. And we need to redeem the time of today. Now more than ever our focus MUST be firstly on what the Lord would have you do each and every day and praying that the Holy Spirit would be moving in your speech and action, representing Christ to the world…

But how does should that interpret when the dinner party conversation turns to Trump or Hamas or Israel or Palestine? Out of the heart the mouth speaks, so where’s my heart on these matters?

God doesn’t condone ANY of man’s government over His Word. He allows it to happen and gives us rules to live by with regards to our heart and the rulers of the nations or our employer or our owner if we find ourselves in slavery.

The bible is a story ABOUT GOD. Don’t forget that. And He chose Israel, that peculiar people, to show us how merciful he is. Abraham chosen as the father of faith by Islam and Judaism and he ends up running from the promised land in fear and puts the entire family into captivity for 400 years.

God has been using this choice to show us that He is the controller of all things ultimately. According to my calculations the Jews shouldn’t have survived any of the stories I read in the Old Testament. And they show all the flaws of these ‘men and women of God’ while their Creator helps them out along the way. No scattered nation has survived more than two generations without being assimilated into their new land and people. Yet here they are after being in every other corner of the globe for the last 2000 years.

And so that in itself is a miracle that God is trying to wake people up with. There they are having a nation in the land spelled out by God a long time ago. Making good decisions with their government and culture and making some bad decisions. The rest of the story goes on to say the whole world will turn against Israel. And they And they will be hanging on by a thread.

What’s my position?

I am NOT God but I do fear the Lord as I am watching this story unfold. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom it says in Proverbs. But rejoicing in the Lord always is a tough thing even though the story is unfolding as I sit afar off sipping Shiraz in Melbourne. I’m thankful I was not born into that story. The battle I need to confront is my daily sinful nature which can lead to being distracted from walking with my Creator.

15Pay careful attention, then, to how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, 16redeeming the time, because the days are evil. 17Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is. 18Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to reckless indiscretion. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.

19Speak to one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your hearts to the Lord, 20always giving thanks to God the Father for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Tonight’s discussion over steak will be honest.

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